Saturday, January 19, 2013

Windows 8 - Where is the love?

I embraced Windows 8, while others ran from it like scared schoolgirls from a garter snake.  What do I get for that?

  • Carpel tunnel syndrom from having to mouse twice as much to do anything when using a Modern UI app.
  • A headache from the continual flipping between the desktop, where I actually get things done and the Modern UI.
  • App tile groups that do not sync between PC's, what???  If your doing sync, isn't that the first thing you'd think of?
  • A bunch of applications that are only mildly useful.  Even if I had a touch screen, most of them fall below mildly useful, to I'm never going to use that app again...
  • Applications in the Modern UI that fail to open. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME on all three of our Windows 8 machines.  
Well guess what, I'm already looking forward to Windows 9, when they fix all this flakiness and make an operating system that is a joy to use.  At this point I'm fed up with the Modern UI, maybe on a tablet, but on the desktop its terrible.  Why not just have two OS's, and switch between them, have a Mobile OS, and a Desktop OS.  Sure have one device if you want, but allow the user to choose the functionality mode...    

Dear windows development team, if you need some ideas, check out Ubuntu :)

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  1. Windows 8 would be much better with OS X Multi-Touch gestures.