Monday, February 27, 2012

Ubuntu for Android (I could get excited with Android again)

"Your next desktop could be a phoneWhy carry two devices, when you could carry only one? Your next high-end smartphone has far more horsepower than you’ll need on a phone, and more than enough for a laptop. So we’ve brought Android together with Ubuntu, the world’s favourite free operating system, to give you a full productivity desktop that fits in your pocket. Android for the phone experience, Ubuntu for the desktop, all on one device, running at the same time.So forget the office PC. Just dock your corporate phone and enjoy Ubuntu. Anywhere. One address book. One set of bookmarks. One place for your text messages and email. No more typing on a tiny screen when all you want is a keyboard and a mouse. Seamless integration of your desktop and mobile worlds. Brilliant."

The proceeding quote and photos are from Ubuntu. For more indepth detail click the link.

A while back I wrote about the Smartbook, a combination of a PDA, tablet, and laptop running Android and a mix of desktop Linux versions. At the time my wish was the involment of Canonical as I felt it would make Ubuntu stand out and put some money behind the effort. I would love to see one of the cell phone manufacturers get on board with Ubuntu. One device with accessories could become a tablet, laptop, or desktop running a full Ubuntu desktop. If this was done right I could see myself purchasing an Android phone.


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